We are very excited to announce the inaugural list of “10 women in networking/communications that you should WATCH.”  Over 100 people around the world submitted nominations for this list, and many of these people submitted several names. The women nominated have all had impact on our field, early in their careers. It was difficult to choose only 10 for this inaugural list.

For 2016, in alphabetical order by last name, here are 10 women in networking/communications that you should watch!

Cristina Cano
Research Fellow at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya – Spain

Cristina Cano’s research interests are related to the coexistence of wireless heterogeneous networks, distributed scheduling, performance evaluation, and stability analysis. She has published in multiple top-tier conference and journals, and she was selected as exemplary reviewer of IEEE Communication Letters in 2015 and 2011.

“Cristina’s contributions to the wireless networking field have already been impressive in spite of her still short career. Working, discussing and sharing ideas with her has always been a pleasure and a very enriching experience. Her best is yet to come, and I’m sure she will make a mark in the future of networking.”

– Boris Bellalta, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Subarna Chatterjee
Ph.D. Student at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Subarna Chatterjee’s research interests include cloud computing, wireless sensor networks, wireless body area networks, and big data networking. She received the Google Anita Borg Fellowship in 2015, the Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship in 2016, and she was the winner of Hackathon in Robotics at Google Shanghai in 2015.

“As a young researcher, Subarna Chatterjee is doing remarkable research in the domains of cloud computing and sensor cloud. She has published in multiple top-tier conference and and she is also chosen as one of the Most Qualified Young Scientist to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, 2016.”

– Subhadeep Sarkar, Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Phillipa Gill
Assistant professor at Stony Brook University.Phillipa

Gill’s research interests are in the general area of computer networking and network measurement. She is also interested in understanding the nature of malware threats targeted at civil society organizations and measuring routing security. Among others, she received the Google Faculty Research Award and the NSF CAREER Award.

“Phillipa does great research on Internet measurement, with a goal of uncovering and characterizing ‘online information control’ (e.g., censorship and traffic differentiation). She designs novel ways to ‘squeeze water out of a stone’ to uncover censorship and the mechanisms the censors use.”

– Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University
Te-Yuan Huang
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Te-Yuan Huang is part of the streaming innovation team, working on improving Quality of Experience for Netflix users. She was also heavily involved in the early stage of OpenFlow and SDN research. She is a recipient of Stanford Graduate Fellowship, Google Fellowship, and IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize.

“TY’s combintaion of creative algorithmic thinking, tenacity, and unending desire to share her knowledge is changing both how we think about online video streaming, as well as how we experience it.“

– Maria Kazandjieva, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
Na-Rae Kim
Ph.D. Student at Yonsei University, Republic of Korea.Na-Rae

Kim’s research areas include nano communication networks, molecular communication, information theory, and energy harvesting. She received the Creative Student Award, by IITP (a Korean government institution that manages ICT R&D) in 2016 and the gold prize (in 2013) and bronze prize (in 2014) at the Humantech Paper Contest sponsored by Samsung.

“Na-Rae Kim has made significant contributions to emerging communications by conducting novel researches and shaping the standards. Na-Rae’s contributions to the foundations of molecular communication are impressive, particularly the physical layer design and the channel measurement/modeling.”

– Chan-Byoung Chae, Yonsei University
Jelena Marašević
Ph.D. Student at Columbia University, New York

Jelena Marašević’s main research interests are in the area of optimization algorithms, with applications in wireless networks, e.g., energy harvesting networks and full-duplex networks. Recently, she won the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship in 2015, the Millman Award for Outstanding TA in 2013, and the Columbia University M.S. Award of Excellence.

“Jelena stands out for the breadth of her abilities, which range from being able to make contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms for general distributed optimization problems to improving the performance of particular networking applications.”

– Cliff Stein, Columbia University
Sylvia Ratnasamy
Assistant professor at University of California, Berkeley

Sylvia Ratnasamy’s research focuses on the design and implementation of networked systems. She co-lead the SPAN Center for networking research. She is a recipient of the ACM Grace Murray Hopper award, the ACM SIGCOMM Test-of-Time award, the ACM SIGCOMM Rising Star award, and the Alfred P. Sloan research fellowship.

“Sylvia Ratnasamy gave up a thriving career in industrial research in order to teach and inspire the next generation of young researchers in creating the Internet of the future. She is an outstanding role model for all women in computer science.”

– Randy Katz, University of California, Berkeley
Dora Spenza
Postdoctoral researcher at Sapienza University of Rome

Dora Spenza’s research interests lie in the field of green and energy-efficient sensing systems, with an emphasis on energy-harvesting and radio-triggering techniques for wireless sensor networks and on resource allocation and tasking for environmental and structural monitoring. She is the PI of a Sapienza research grant for young researcher on green sensing systems.

“Dora Spenza is a bright young researcher with a strong technical edge and remarkable clarity of exposition of ideas. She is a great team player with the potential of becoming an influential leader: I anticipate that she will make further noticeable contributions to our community soon.”

– Stefano Basagni, Northeastern University, Boston
Aline Carneiro Viana
Research Scientist at INRIA Saclay, France

Aline Viana’s research addresses the design of networking solutions that leverages human behavior in terms of mobility, content demand, interest, personality traits, and interactions for self-organizing and dynamic wireless networks. She published more than 80 research papers and she served on the technical program committee of several international conferences.

“Aline Viana provided very interesting research results in the field of neighbor discovery, gossiping and delay tolerant networks. She’s very active in the research community and participates to several TPC. I consider she represents one of the promising researchers in wireless networking.”

– Fabrice Théoleyre, University of Strasbourg
Minlan Yu
Assistant Professor, Yale University

Minlan Yu is interested in data networking, distributed systems, enterprise and data center networks, network virtualization, and SDN. She has actively collaborated with companies such as Google, AT&T, Microsoft, and Bell Labs. She received ACM SIGCOMM doctoral dissertation award in 2011, NSF CAREER award in 2015, and Google research awards in 2013 and 2015.

“Minlan has done groundbreaking work on programmed visibility in networks: the ability to selectively understand spatio-temporal network behavior at different levels of detail. To me, she’s on a trajectory to be a star, and should be on any list of top 10 women to watch in networking.”

– Ramesh Govindan, University of Southern California

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