The goal of the N2Women mentoring program is to give a welcoming and laid back setting to researchers at all career levels with diverse backgrounds to discuss technical and career-related questions. With the 1:1 mentoring program, we offer mentees a chance to receive personal advice from more experienced researchers, beyond those available at their institutions. We welcome mentees and mentors from all career levels.

The N2Women Mentorship Program has two application periods — Spring (in April) and Fall (in October). The program pairs mentors and mentees for the duration of a year, beginning in the corresponding application period. While the program is not prescriptive about the duration and intensity of mentor-mentee interactions, we recommend couples to meet at least twice within the year. Couples can agree on a meeting medium of their choice, including during conferences, or through virtual synchronous or asynchronous channels.

Who can be a Mentor

Senior researchers who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with young researchers should consider becoming mentors. Mentors are encouraged to provide professional advice on research, career choices, scholarship opportunities and networking.

Who can be a Mentee

An N2Women mentee is a researcher who wants to obtain advice and mentoring from a senior researcher on a direct basis, beyond those available at their institutions. Mentees should be respectful of their mentor’s time and take the initiative to coordinate meetings with their mentor.


Mentor application form takes only a few minutes and is available here.

Mentee application form is available here.

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