N2Women Young Researcher Fellowships

N2Women is pleased to announce the continuation of our N2 Women Young Researcher Fellowship awards. N2Women considers you a young researcher if you are currently a student, working as a post-doc, or in the 1st or 2nd year of your new research career. These awards will partially cover a young researcher’s travel cost (up to $1000) to a meeting where an N2Women event will be held. In exchange, the young researcher must help organize the N2Women meeting. The benefit of doing the organization, in addition to the travel funds, is for the young researcher to connect with the organizers of the conference who are, typically, leaders in the research field. We will arrange for a faculty or research member of N2Women to assist/mentor the young researcher in this task.

Support for these N2Women Young Researcher Fellowship awards has been generously provided by ACM SIGMOBILE, ACM SIGCOMMIEEE Communications Society, and IEEE Computer Society (CS) Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC).

To apply for a Young Researcher Fellowship, please answer all questions in the following online application form:  N2Women Fellowship Online Application Form. If you need to change previously entered information or you want to withdraw an application, please contact the fellowship chairs at n2women-fellowships@acm.org. Please contact the chairs at this email address also in case of any questions or inquiries. Please consult this document for the tips on writing the best possible N2 Women Fellowship application. This document was put together by the 2016 ACM UbiComp Fellow Juhi Ranjan.

We are particularly interested in young researchers who would like to organize N2 Women events for the following conferences:

Conference Sponsor
NSDI Facebook
SECON see the Note
SIGCOMM Facebook
PIMRC see the Note
IMC Facebook
Globecom IEEE ComSoc

Note – “We don’t have secured funding for 2020 yet. We are currently working on it.”

The deadline for applying is always ***1 week (7 days) after the full paper acceptance notification*** of the relevant conference. Please note that we consider the **actual** notification date, when the notification emails were sent out (which is, perhaps, not the announced date on the conference website). Conference X has a published notification date of February 1st, but the notification emails are actually sent on February 3rd, 3 pm CET. The deadline for applying for an N2Women fellowship is February 10th, 11:59 pm, anywhere on Earth.

Acceptance notification is 2 weeks after the application deadline. If you are chosen as the N2Women Fellow, see our easy step-by-step plan on how to organize an N2 Women meeting here.

Applications for conferences other than the above listed on the webpage are also welcome, with the same deadline calculation.

Please pass this information along to all female graduate students and young researchers who may be interested!

N2 Women Young Researcher Fellowship Recipients

  • 2017:
    Morgan Vigil-Hayes,University of California, Santa Barbara (HotMobile 2017)
    Adriana Flores, Rice University (IEEE DySPAN 2017)
    Hedaia Ghannam, University College London (IEEE WCNC 2017)
    Meenupriya Swaminathan, Northeastern University (Infocom 2017)
    Sima Das, Missouri University of Science and Technology (WoWMoM 2017)
    Elahe Vahdani, The City University of New York (IEEE SECON 2017)
    Bashima Islam, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (MobiSys 2017)
    Samta Shukla, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Mobihoc 2017)
    Parastoo Abtahi, Stanford university (UbiComp 2017)
    Wafae Bakkali, Sagemcom & CentraleSupélec (PIMRC 2017)
    Suraiya Tairin Pakhi, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (LCN 2017)
    Anh Nguyen, University of Colorado, Boulder (Mobicom 2017)
    Somreeta Pramanik, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (SenSys 2017)
    Oana Hotescu, University of Toulouse (MSWIM 2017)
  • 2016:
    Hanan Hassan Mohammad Al Tous, United Arab Emirates University (WCNC 2016)
    Heba Aly, University of Maryland, College Park (INFOCOM 2016)
    Krittika D’Silva, University of Cambridge (MobiSys 2016)
    Katrina Ward, Missouri University of Science and Technology (SMARTCOMP 2016)
    Henna Huang, MIT (ICC 2016)
    Gek Hong, TU-Darmstadt (WoWMoM 2016)
    Marija Milojevic Jevric, Imperial College London (SECON 2016)
    Jelena Marasevic, Columbia University (Mobihoc 2016)
    Laura Mihaela Vasilescu, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (SIGCOMM 2016)
    Mary Adedoyin, University of Cape Town, South Africa (IEEE PIMRC 2016)
    Juhi Ranjan, University of Virginia (UbiComp 2016)
    Elaheh Soltanaghaei, University of Virginia (MobiCom 2016)
    Faezeh Hajiaghajani, Michigan State University (IEEE WiMob 2016)
    Vanessa Eichhorn, Hamburg University of Technology (MONAMI 2016)
    Normalia Samian, Universiti Putra Malaysia (LCN 2016)
    Radhika Sukapuram, Indian Institute of Technology (ICNP 2016)
    Ana Nika, University of California, Santa Barbara (SenSys 2016)
    Maryam Tanha, University of Victoria (Globecom 2016)
  • 2015:
    Dola Saha, Rutgers University (Globecom 2015)
    Nova Ahmed, North South University (SenSys 2015)
    Ying Wang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (MSWiM 2015)
    Chunyi Peng, Ohio State University (SIGCOMM 2015)
    Maryamsadat Jalalitabar, Georgie State University (ICCCN 2015)
    Yu Han, Northeastern University (MASCOTS 2015)
    Chitra Javali, University of New South Wales (LCN 2015)
    Btissam Er-Rahmadi, Universite de Rennes I (WiMob 2015)
    Madhurim Pore, Arizona State University (MobiCom 2015)
    Chandrayee Basu, Carnegie Mellon University (UbiComp 2015)
    Shweta Sagari, Rutgers University (DySPAN 2015)
    Nan Cen, Northeastern University (MobiHoc 2015)
    Jill Jermyn, Columbia University (WoWMoM 2015)
    Jessica Cauchard, Stanford University (MobiSys 2015)
    Dora Spenza, University of Rome “La Sapienza” (INFOCOM 2015)
    Bahar Partov, Hamilton Insitute (ICC 2015)
    Lu Feng, University of Pennsylvania (CPSWeek 2015)
  • 2014:
    Lin Trista, INRIA INSA Lyon (MSWiM 2014)
    Rukhsana Ruby, The University of British Columbia (Globecom 2014)
    Yasaman Samei, UC Irvine (IPCCC 2014)
    Meghan Clark, University of Michigan Ann-Arbor (SenSys 2014)
    Riyanat Shitu, City University London (LCN 2014)
    Anwar Hitnwai, ETHZ Switzerland (MobiCom 2014)
    Yan Zhang, University of Arizona (Infocom 2014)
    Niranjini Rajagopal, Carnegie Mellon University (IPSN 2014)
    Ozlem Bilgir Yetim, Princeton University (WoWMoM 2014)
    Aarathi Prasad, Darthmouth University (MobiSys 2014)
    Aly Heba, Alexandria University, Egypt (SECON 2014)
    Jelena Marasevic, Columbia University (MobiHoc 2014)
  • 2013:
    Martina Brachmann, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany (SenSys 2013)
    Israat Haque, University of Alberta (MobiCom 2013)
    Raqeebir Rab, Concordia University (MobiCom 2013)
    Wenxuan Zhou, UIUC (SIGCOMM 2013)
    Diala Naboulsi, INSA Lyon – INRIA (MobiHoc 2013)
    Anna Zakrzewska, DTU Technical University of Denmark (ICC 2013)
    Shuang Li, Ohio State University (Infocom 2013)
    Fatemeh Afghah, University of Maine (SECON 2013)
  • 2012:
    Yanyan Zhuang, University of Victoria (INFOCOM 2012)
    Tavakolifard Mozhgan, Norvegian University of Science and Technology (ICNC 2012)
    Xia Zhou, UCSB (SIGCOMM 2012)
    Sanorita Dey, University of South Carolina (MobiHoc 2012)
    Jingyao Zhang, Virginia Tech (SECON 2012)
    Yujin Li, North Carolina State University (ICC 2012)
  • 2011:
    Aakanksha Chowdhery , Stanford University (Globocom 2011)
    Soudeh Ghorbani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Sensys 2011)
    Mikie Han, UT Austin (Mobicom 2011)
    Farhana Ashraf, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (SECON 2011)
    Ouldooz Baghban Karimi, Simon Fraser University (SIGCOMM 2011)
    Yue Liu, University of Michigan (MOBISYS 2011)
    Yan Qiao, University of Florida (INFOCOM 2011)
  • 2010:
    Yu-Han Chen, National Taiwan University (SENSYS 2010)
    Minlan Yu, Princeton University (SIGCOMM 2010)
    Afra Mashhadi, University  College London (MOBICOM/MOBIHOC 2010)
    Lara Deek, UC Santa Barbara (MOBICOM/MOBIHOC 2010)
    Michela Papandrea, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI),(WoWMoM 2010)
    Pegah Sattari, UC Irvine (MobiSys 2010)
    Devu Shila, Illinois Institute of technology, Chicago (ICDCS 2010)
    Maria Kazandjieva, Stanford University (NSDI 2010)
    Kyriaki Levanti, Carnegie Mellon University (INFOCOM 2010)
    Michela Papandrea, University of Applied Sciences (WoWMoM 2010)
  • 2009:
    Juliana Freitag Borin, University of Campinas (Globecom 2009)
    Anna Foerster, University of Lugano (SenSys 2009)
    Maria Gorlatova, Columbia University (MobiCom 2009)
    Doris Schiöberg, Berlin Institute of Technology, (SIGCOMM 2009)
    Aruna Balasubramanian, University of Massachusetts Amherst (MobiSys 2009)
    Amy Chen, University of Florida (ICDCS 2009)
    Marjan Baghaie, University of Southern California (ICC 2009)
    Sharanya Eswaran, Pennsylvania State University (DCOSS 2009)
    Han Cai, North Carolina State University (MobiHoc 2009)
    Sofia Pediaditaki, University of Edinburgh (INFOCOM 2009)
  • 2008:
    Elisa Rondini, University College London (SenSys 2008)
    Ramya Raghavendra, UC Santa Barbara (MobiCom 2008)
    Nurcan Tezcan, North Carolina State University (SIGCOMM 2008)
    Arta Doci, Colorado School of Mines (MobiSys 2008)
    Chunyu Ai, Georgia State University (ICDCS 2008)
    Ozlem Durmaz Incel, University of Twente (SECON 2008)
    Nur Aini Rakhmawati, National Taiwan University of Science of Technology MobiHoc 2008)
    Chao Wang, University of Wisconsin (ICC 2008)
    Xia Zhou, UC Santa Barbara (INFOCOM 2008)

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