We are very excited to announce the third list of “N2Women: Stars in Computer Networking and Communications”.

For 2019, in alphabetical order by last name, here are 10 women in networking and communications that you should watch!

Irem Bor-Yaliniz
Huawei Technologies and Carleton University, Canada

Irem is an exceptionally talented & all-round final-semester PhD student. Her PhD research on the highly visionary UAV base stations has already received 500+ citations. Due to this remarkable success, Irem was recruited by Huawei Canada Research Center before graduation. She became a rising star there as well with 15+ patent applications & 30+ 3GPP contributions on 5G. Irem is also very active in IEEE — a strong advocate for women. Irem is the most promising rising star I’ve seen in my career.

Halim Yanikomeroglu
Systems and Computer Engineering
Carleton University
Krittika D’Silva
University of Cambridge, UK

Krittika is most certainly a rising star in the field of networking and communications.
She has worked for the United Nations, helping model networks for countries such as Vanuatu and has also worked with Microsoft Research, where she developed an application which was designed to enable better communication networks in rural communities in India. In addition to this, she has published her own PhD work in top conferences such as UbiComp on modelling urban cities using the Foursquare network.

Kevin Heffernan
Computer Science PhD Student
University of Cambridge
LuoYi Fu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Luoyi works on the challenging intersection of computer science and mathematics as it pertains to problems involving computer networked systems. Her works focus on fundamental limits in large-scale wireless networks, performance characterization in social networks, and algorithm design for uncertain networks. Each of these works look at an interesting problem, and provides a clever and novel solution. The problems she investigated are crisply formulated, and her solutions are clean and well executed. While the techniques are deep, the end result is simple and impactful, something which I often emphasize as being the key principles of high quality research. In my opinion, Luoyi is a highly motivated, dedicated, and brilliant young researcher that has a passion for scientific research.

Ness Shroff
Chaired Professor of ECE and CSE
Ohio Eminent Scholar
The Ohio State University
Maria Gorlatova
Duke University, North Carolina, USA

Maria’s many accomplishments include several awards for her work on energy harvesting, which received the 2011 IEEE Communications Society Award for Advances in Communications and 2016 IEEE Communications Society Young Author Best Paper Award. She has also made significant impact on industry throughout her career, including working at DE Shaw and IBM and active leadership within the OpenFog Consortium’s initiatives on defining fog computing architectures.

Carlee Joe-Wong
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Guyue (Grace) Liu
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Grace’s experience in both cloud computing and networking puts her in an ideal position to explore challenging problems at the intersection of networking and systems software. She has already proven her ability to propose innovative ideas in this area with her SIGCOMM 18 paper on the benefit of rethinking the structure of TCP stack processing to support high performance network functions and applications. She already is making strong contributions and her creativity and deep technical insights are sure to lead to even greater impact in the future.

Timothy Wood
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
The George Washington University
Delphine Reinhardt
University of Göttingen, Germany

Delphine’s research is centered on usable privacy protection techniques for networked systems, a topic that applies to each and every one of us. Besides her impressive research track record that culminated in her multi-awarded thesis on privacy in participatory sensing, I commend Delphine for her strong support for women in engineering. She truly is a rising star.

Janine Beecken
PhD student
Department of Computer Science
Technische Universität Clausthal
Meryem Simsek
Intel Labs

Meryem is an excellent researcher in wireless systems modelling and optimization as well as an early discoverer of AI for wireless with 70+ publications and several awards. Her pioneering work on the Tactile Internet, combining communication, compute, and control theory, has a huge impact in the scientific community. Her contributions and service to advancing technology and to IEEE are superb. Given Meryem’s expertise and passion for innovative research, I can only imagine a bright path for her.

Khaled B. Letaief, IEEE Fellow
New Bright Professor of Engineering
Chair Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
President, IEEE Communications Society
Anna Sperotto
University of Twente, Netherland

Anna is a top researcher in the area of network measurements and security, with a focus on DNS and DDoS attacks. She has written several top-cited papers, is a key person behind the award-winning active DNS measurements platform OpenINTEL, received multiple IRTF Applied Networking research prizes as well as an ACM-IMC Community contribution award. Anna plays an important role in the organisation of the community and approaches her discipline with scientific curiosity and great enthusiasm.

Aiko Pras
Full Professor
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Twente
Anna Maria Vegni
Roma Tre University, Italy

Anna Maria is an excellent researcher with significant contributions to social networking applied to Internet of Vehicles, by exploiting social features of nodes that allows to enhance network performances. Recently, Anna Maria explored the integration of vehicular social networks together with traditional online social networks for an enhanced communication system (IEEE Network Magazine, 2019).

Abderrahim Benslimane
Professor of Computer Sciences
University of Avignon, France
Weina Wang
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Weina Wang’s research interests focus on applied probability and stochastic systems, with applications in data centers, cloud computing, and data privacy. Weina is a rising star in stochastic networks. She is one of the most passionate and intelligent researchers I have worked with. She developed the first throughput-optimal and heavy-traffic-optimal scheduling algorithm for MapReduce clusters, the first private-data market model and a minimum cost incentive mechanism, and characterized the asymptotic latency of multi-task parallel jobs. Her research has advanced and will continue to advance the understanding of fundamental limits of stochastic systems.

Lei Ying
School of Electrical Computer and Energy Engineering
Arizona State University

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