We are very excited to announce the third list of “N2Women: Stars in Computer Networking and Communications”.

For 2021, in alphabetical order by last name, here are 10 women in networking and communications that you should watch!

Maria Apostolaki

Maria Apostolaki is widely recognized for her work on the security of cryptocurrencies for which she uncovered a new vector of attacks by abusing the Internet routing system. Maria's works had a lot of impact already and led to the Bitcoin core developers adapting the client software. Besides, Maria's works have been recognized with the IETF Applied Networking Research Prize and got covered by a myriad of blog posts, technical articles, along with hundreds of posts on social media.

Laurent Vanbever,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering,
ETH Zürich

Yanmin Gong

Yanmin has made outstanding contributions to the intersections of security and privacy, wireless networks, and machine learning. Her work aims to ensure intelligence and trustworthiness in wireless networking systems. She has published quite a few papers in top venues like IEEE TIFS and IJCAI. She is not only talented with innovative thoughts, but more importantly hardworking with strong curiosity and passion for conducting research, the right ingredient for success. Over the years, she has won a number of prestigious awards, including NSF CRII and NSF CAREER Award. With this momentum, she will continue to make outstanding contributions and develop herself into a top research leader in her field.

Michael Fang,
Distinguished Professor,
University of Florida

Israat Haque

A talented young faculty leading impactful research on network programmability and data-driven IoT applications. She has won prestigious awards, including a best paper award at IEEE ICNP and the President’s research excellence award from Dalhousie University. Israat has served the research community extensively as an area editor (IEEE Communications Magazine), TPC member (IEEE ICNP), and organizing committee member of premier conferences including IEEE ICNP, IEEE/ACM CNSM, IEEE CloudNet. She leads a dynamic research group conducting innovative work and producing solid publications. Israat is a dedicated mentor striving to build an inclusive and positive environment for her students. I am confident she has an outstanding career ahead.

Raouf Boutaba
University Research Chair Professor and Director,
David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science,
University of Waterloo

Mariam Kiran

Mariam is an experienced machine learning expert and has been successfully applying recurrent neural network techniques to solve control and prediction problems. For network engineering, she has developed INDIRA to enable intent to be used in configuring high-speed scientific networks. For network traffic planning, she has developed a number of advanced techniques to predict network traffic volumes. In addition to networking, she has skillfully applied her machine learning expertise to a wide range of applications, such as laser control, building energy, and quantum computing. She approaches these collaboration with enthusiasm and vigor. She is a rising star that will go far.

Kesheng (John) Wu,
Senior Computer Scientist,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Wei Li

She is a brilliant pioneer exploring technique breakthroughs in performance optimization, spectrum access, and resource management for wireless networks. She has more than 50 publications with nearly 1000 google citations. Most of her publications have been published in top tier journals and conferences. As a young faculty member, she has made an incredible achievement and received high recognition from the research community. There is no doubt that she is a rising star in the area of Computer Networking and Communications and will definitely continue to make far-reaching contributions.

Xiuzhen (Susan) Cheng,
Chair of the Computer Science Department,
Shandong University

Andra Lutu

Andra is an outstanding researcher in the field of mobile communications. As a researcher for Telefónica she has successfully managed to identify and address research challenges that are both relevant for the industry and have a huge academic impact. Her work unfolding the intricacies of the cellular roaming ecosystem, which has been published in ACM SIGCOMM and ACM Mobicom is opening a large research field for other both in industry and academia. Andra is also excelling in the Internet measurements and data analysis arena, and her work has been published in top venues, including ACM IMC, WWW, IEEE Infocom, ACM/IEEE ToN and many others.

Marcelo Bagnulo,
Profesor Titular,
Departamento de Ingeniería,
Telemática - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Rachee Singh

Rachee Singh is one of the top young networking researchers today. Her academic expertise and industrial execution skills are marvelous. With great diligence she has been studying and evolving traffic engineering in wide area networks, and quietly revolutionizing the operations of planet-wide optical networks in global cloud companies. She has a remarkably good understanding of the problems faced by network engineers and this knowledge is paying dividends. She consistently makes deep and important contributions that have reduced cost, increased reliability, and improved performance. Rachee is thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, a do-er and a delight to work with. In addition to being a scholar, she is a kind-hearted, gentle soul who volunteers her time and skills to help and encourage under-represented minorities to take up computer science as a career.

Victor Bahl,
Technical Fellow & CTO Azure for Operators,
Cloud & Artificial Intelligence Group,
Microsoft Corporation
Elahe Soltanaghaei

Elahe's research lies at the intersection between wireless networking and embedded systems, drawing on strong roots in computer science and signal processing. She has the rare ability to innovate across the systems stack, from networking and algorithms to the physical layer and underlying hardware. Her early work focused on high-impact problems in the health and energy sectors, building new systems for human sensing, object tracking and indoor localization. She has recently extended her contributions to autonomous vehicles and active safety by creating a 5G compatible system for active interaction of vehicles with battery-free road-side infrastructure. With a bright future ahead, I look forward to seeing what creative work comes next!

Anthony Rowe,
Siewiorek and Walker Family Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering and CyLab,
Carnegie Mellon University

Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo

Mina's research puts the design of the "systems stack" for modern programmable networks on a strong foundation. Mina's work is distinctive in going all the way from compelling applications, to novel programming language abstractions, to effective compilation techniques, to working systems that leverage a range of high-speed network devices.

Jennifer Rexford,
Gordon Y. S. Wu Professor in Engineering,
Chair of the Computer Science Department,
Princeton University
Yiting Xia

Yiting is an excellent young researcher that is leading cutting-edge work on optical networking for data center and backbone networks. Through her experience in both industry and academia she has a unique focus on practicability. Her unique Ph.D. work focused on improving the manageability of data center networks using optical technologies. Her work on planing and designing backbone networks has lead to major publications at venues such as ACM SIGCOMM and USENIX NSDI and has been adopted by industry. I fully expect that she will continue to excel and contribute to improving our network infrastructure.

Anja Feldmann,
Head of Max Planck Institute for Informatics,
Max Planck Institute

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