N2Women Group Mentoring

We organize a series of online discussions around career-related (for all career stages) questions and topics of interest to the members of the community. We crowdsource these questions and organize discussions around them. We invite everyone in the broader scientific and technological community to share their experience and insight and hope that this group mentoring format will result in a rich collection of diverse ideas and viewpoints available to everyone.

Questions: Please go to the N2Women Mentoring survey page to add questions that you are interested in being discussed. These questions should be related to career and work-life balance issues rather than technical topics. We periodically post these questions on the N2Women Mentoring page (accessible via the English Quora portal).

Answers: You can submit your answers either directly as answers on the N2Women Mentoring Quora page or via email to n2women-mentoring@ACM.ORG

Questions and answers can be submitted anonymously. It is our hope that this will foster an open environment to voice one’s opinions freely, without self-censoring.

We appreciate your help, especially to provide answers and spread the word, and welcome suggestions/feedback: n2women-mentoring@ACM.ORG

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